We provide Gentle Treatment for over 144 diseases ranging from:
Obesity, Depression, and Fatigue to Cancer, Diabetes, and Crohn's Disease.
There is one fact you should know BEFORE you opt for drugs and surgery...

...Even the worst diseases respond to gentle healing techniques!


All Services Provided in St. George, Utah by Dr. Steve Doughty, Naturopathic Physician

If you have a life-threatening disease, these services will be
individualized for you and may save your life.

IV NUTRITION – intravenous micronutrient therapy

Your health challenges may be caused by nutitional deficiencies. If they are, pharmaceuticals will only make matters worse. Get to the cause of disease by having your nutrition tested by blood work. We provide IV nutrition as the most aggressive and quickest way to get your cells what they need to do their job. We utilize the best IV protocols and the safest IV procedures specific to your health condition. We can virtually guarantee that you will feel the difference.


Many neurological, cardiac, and kidney problems are improved by heavy metal detoxification. Chelation pulls heavy metals out of the body 100x faster than what comes out naturally. This lowers blood pressure, improves artery elasticity, benefits kidney function, and stops that cause of many neurological symptoms from headaches and chemical sensitivities to memory loss. Pollution savvy people avoid many diseases.

EMOTIONAL CLEARING – neurolingustic programming using the discovery pattern

If you can’t imagine glowing with happiness, then you will never glow with health. There is critical link between health and happiness. We believe that most disease is a metaphor for how you think and feel. If you are using anti-depressants or wanting to feel less depressed, we offer “self-talk” counselling. With difficult cases it takes up to 4 hours of counselling to get people to experience their “emotional good-space” and to launch a personal system of positive self talk for optimal wellness.


If you struggle with fatigue, depression, or weight gain then you probably have an imbalances in thyroid, cortisol, insulin, or DHEA. Don’t trust what doctors have concluded from blood tests. Blood tests have high levels of false negatives for hormone modulation. Function testing and a good history can help you gain energy, improve mood, and lose weight. Natural substances such as herbs, glandulars, and bio-identical hormones can get you looking and feeling great. We also offer Metagenics First Line Therapy as well as Kevin Trudeau style HCG weight loss.

* All of our services are meant to complement not replace excellence in
diet, exercise, hygene, and stress management.

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